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DevOps Continuous Lifecycle Process Explained

The term DevOps can be interpreted as an evolved software delivery culture that promotes collaboration between the cross-functional teams. Developers, testers & IT operation teams will be working with better collaboration & communication throughout the software delivery process. This collaborative approach in the software delivery process helps the teams to deploy the code to production faster.

DevOps software delivery process doesn’t just help the organizations in speeding up their software delivery process but will also help them in achieving continuous software delivery, releasing updates more frequently, better customer satisfaction, improved ROI & more. DevOps also helps the organizations to stay competitive by releasing products & updates more frequently to the market. This is the reason why enterprises these days are embracing DevOps culture at large. Build a promising career in this revolutionary technology of DevOps by mastering the essential skills with the help of DevOps Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

 Now, let’s have a look at the continuous lifecycle process in DevOps.

Continuous DevOps Lifecycle-

  • Development

Development in DevOps is continuous, where the entire process gets separated into small development cycles. The breaking down of the development process as a whole into small individual cycles will enable the teams to work on each cycle independently with shared goals & responsibilities.

This approach speeds up the overall software development and delivery process.

  • Testing

The testing process in DevOps is automated, where the testing teams will be using tools like Selenium for the detection of bugs in the code. Testing is also a continuous process in DevOps where the code gets tested continuously till it comes out from the development process.

  • Integration

In this stage, new functionality is introduced to the prevailing code & then the code moves back to the testing phase & this process gets repeated. Continuous integration & testing in DevOps are solely responsible for Continuous development.


The continuous deployment process in DevOps is performed in such a way that changes done to the code at any time wouldn’t be affecting the functioning of the website.

  • Monitoring

In the continuous monitoring phase in DevOps, the operation teams will be continuously monitoring the code through its production phase to detect any inappropriate system behavior or bugs.

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