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Data Scientist vs Machine Learning Engineer | Basic Skill Sets for the Job Roles

In the current age of Big Data, the job roles of Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineers are dominating the IT recruitment process. These two popular tech-driven job roles aren’t just critical for the enterprises in the IT sector but also for the industries across the verticals. In most of the cases, the skills required to excel in these job roles can overlap or be entirely distinct, depending on the organization you work for.

In this blog post, let’s look at the basic skill sets that one needs to have in their inventory when applying for these job roles.

Basic Skills for Data Scientist Job Role:

  • Python/R

As a part of their job role, Data Scientists are expected to have knowledge of programming languages like Python or R. These languages have a number of packages, libraries and frameworks that can ingest data, explore it, process it, build data models and visualize the findings from the data. You can build expertise in Data Science with Python with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

  • Jupyter Notebook

The popularity of Jupyter Notebook among Data Scientists is rapidly growing as it assists them in developing code, write text, and view that obtained outputs. Jupyter supports Data Scientists in the addition of a number of extensions that can make the entire process of coding a little easier.

  • SQL

Having knowledge of SQL is very critical for Data Scientists as it would help them in the building a Data Science model by querying the data. The end results that are obtained from the Data Science model would eventually get stored in a database, which of course, uses SQL.

Basic Skills for Machine Learning Job Role:

  • Python

Knowledge of Python programming is also very critical for Machine Learning Engineers These professionals need to work a lot on the object-oriented programming (OOP) in Python, unlike Data Scientists who doesn’t use programming to that complex level of using OOP as they would be using it just to build a data model.

  • GitHub/git

Majority of the Machine Learning Engineers store their code repositories in git and GitHub. These tools assist them in the execution of tasks like making code changes and pull requests.

  • Deployment Tools

This is the skill set that differ the most between the two job roles. Machine Learning Engineers will be making use of tools that relate to cloud models to deploy their models.

This is the perfect time to get started with the process of mastering skills in Data Scientist or Machine Learning job roles with our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program.

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