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Data Science vs. Business Analytics-

Data Science & Business Analytics are two different words which are often used interchangeably by most of the people. At the ground level, there will be a lot of similarities between these two technologies but if you look at the larger picture you will be finding these technologies differ in a number of ways.

The common aspects of Data Science & Business Analytics involve data gathering, modeling and insight gathering. The major difference lies in the way in which these technologies handle business related problems. Business Analytics deals with aspects relation to cost, profit, etc. whereas Data Science works towards answering the complex questions like ongoing market trends, customers interests, seasonal factors that influence the business and such. In short, Data Science is larger or superset of the two.

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Now, let’s understand how Data Science & Big Data Analytics differ from each other

Differentiating Data Science vs. Big Data Analytics-

Data Science-

It is the process of gathering, collecting, processing, modeling Big Data to uncover the patterns, finding unknown correlations & extracting the insights from it. For this approach Data Science makes use of advanced analytical algorithms, statistical approaches, and other relevant technologies. By extracting the insights from the structured & unstructured formats of Big Data, it plays a crucial role in the decision making process of the enterprises.

To become an expert in Data Science, you will need sound knowledge of mathematical concepts, statistics, and computer science.  Knowledge of programming languages like R, or Python is very crucial.  In addition to these, you will also be needing skills in visualization, data collection, crawlers that extract big data, and access databases.

Technology, Finance, Internet Based, Academic, Insurance & other sectors make use of Data Science applications

Business Analytics-

Business Analytics work towards helping the enterprises take practical, concrete informed decisions from the Big Data. It completely relies on the statistical analysis of structured data. Business Analysts will be working on the frontlines of Data Pipelines to extract insights that can better address the complex business problems and roadblocks.

To become an expert in Business Analytics you need to have working knowledge of statistical tools and programming as well.

Finance, Technology, CRM/Marketing, Retail and other sectors make use of Business Analytics.

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