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Data Science For IoT- How and Why?

Since the past ten years, there’s a rapid growth in software, hardware, and communication devices and technologies. IF we look around ourselves we can find many Internet-connected devices that are capable of communicating with us These smart devices generate data in large volumes analyzing which we can make several smart decisions & if believed to the stats, its being predicted that within the next two years, more than 50 billion devices would get connected through internet. If this prediction goes right, then one can imagine how massive amount of data would be generated from these devices.  

Most of the data which is generated from IoT devices IoT comes in an unstructured format. SO analyzing such sheer volumes of unstructured data would be very difficult for traditional data analytical and business intelligence tools. This is where Data Science becomes crucial. Having the presence of advanced tools and techniques to analyze large sets of Big Data, Data Science is going to be playing a crucial in IoT. You can gain expertise in the advanced Data Science tools and techniques with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Role of Data Science in IoT:

  • Engaging with hardware

This is one of the most crucial areas involving IoT and data analytics. Internet of Things works towards connecting several thousands of devices with a myriad of radio technologies. As IoT is emerging out becoming a prominent technology, its impact can be seen in the industries across the verticals like IT, Healthcare, Retail, Smart Homes, Transportation, etc.

IoT is playing a crucial role in the 5G network setup.

  • Edge Processing

Usually in Data Science, large volumes of Big Data would often rely on cloud, not on an IoT. For effective functioning, IoT needs edge data processing. In this form of advanced computing, data gets directed transferred to where it is required thereby delivering efficient outcomes based on which accurate decisions can be taken.

  • Real-time transformation

The data generated from IoT requires real-time swift processing & this is job is better handled by Data Science.

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