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Data Modeling With Python & R

Both Python and R are among the most extensively used programming languages for Data Modeling process in Data Science. Being open-source in nature & having a large community following, both Python & R have a number of libraries that support not just Data Modeling but several other processes in Data Science like Data Mining, Data Exploration, Data Visualization and such.

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In this blog post, let’s take a look at the Data Modeling process with Python & R.

Data Modeling With Python-

With the help of Python the process of Data Modeling can be precisely handled as Python helps us with a lot of support options that will make the process really easy. With Python libraries like Numpy & SciPy it becomes possible to perform modeling analysis in a numerical way & computing operations can be executed really quick.

In addition to these, Pythons Scikit-learn code library gives will preset you access to advanced Machine Learning algorithms. It supports the users with easy interface & where users can work towards reaping the benefits of Machine Learning algorithms to the fuller extent without getting into the difficulty of coding heavily.

Data Modeling With R-

R has mainly been developed with the intent to support numerical and statistical analysis on the data of any size. Using R for a specific data modeling analysis requires the need to use third party tools for a better handling. R supports the integration of advanced tools & packages which are developed by the third party people. Poisson distribution is the best examples in this regard.

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