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Challenges Of Adopting A Hybrid Cloud Approach

Enterprises these days are more inclined towards using a Hybrid Cloud approach rather than private or public cloud. If you are new to the term Hybrid Cloud, then one thing which you need to know is that a Hybrid Cloud has all the benefits that are accrued by using private clouds and public clouds.

One of the major reasons why enterprises are adopting Hybrid cloud computing is that it helps in efficient management of a enterprises different application workloads. There’s no doubt that adopting Hybrid Cloud would be benefiting the enterprises in a number of ways but however, it comes with fair share of challenges and issues.

Security concerns, effective management problems, migration complexities, components partitioning, trust issues, scheduling and execution issues are among the numerous challenges which enterprises need to deal with which migrating to a Hybrid Cloud.

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Let’s have a look at the various challenges involved in adopting a Hybrid Cloud

Security risks

Security risks associated with Hybrid Cloud adoption are one of the major challenges in this regard. Enterprises prefer using Private Cloud to protect their sensitive data from being disclosed. By selecting a Hybrid Cloud approach, enterprises need to simultaneously manage different security platforms.  This leads to issues related like data protections and identity management.

Enterprises need to carefully monitor how data flows between public and private clouds.

Integration Complexity-

Another crucial challenge in the adoption of a Hybrid cloud is that it would be very much difficult to integrate the private and public clouds. The set of technical skills which are essential for carrying out the task of integration are very complex.

Enterprises will not be fining any difficulty in moving regular applications between clouds but the major challenge would be moving configurations and Meta data. In the case where there will be several hundreds of applications involved, it would be a very tough task to manage the infrastructure which is need for the integration process.

Network Design-

Without a proper network design, enterprises wouldn’t be able to experience long term success by adopting to a hybrid cloud computing model. While designing the network you need to considers various constrains like network bandwidth, location impact on the network, the security requirements, different data types & few others.

Apart from these, the other set of challenges which you need to watch out are change and scale complications, cloud management & few more.

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