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Business Analytics VS Business Intelligence

Until the advent of advanced applications in Data Science, most of the data strategies were focused on business intelligence (BI). Over the time, the advancements in Data Science have led to the discovery of predictive analysis and prescriptive analysis which have totally changed the global business outlook.

These days with the aid of Predictive analysis, enterprises have now set their focus towards business analytics so as to gain meaningful insights from their existing data. The Business intelligence analysts these days agree on the fact that with a clear knowledge about the difference between business intelligence and analytics it becomes possible to develop advanced strategies that are bound to add more value to the organization.

Understanding Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics-

Most of the people are of the misconception that both Business Intelligence & Business Analytics can be used interchangeably. However this isn’t the case, in order to ensure success in the long for your organization having a clear understanding of the difference between the two terms is necessary.

Business Analytics is categorized into four types. They are Descriptive analysis, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive analytics, and Prescriptive analytics.

Business Intelligence-

Working towards understanding what exactly are the events that are going around in your business & the reasons that have led to the occurrence of these events is nothing but Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence enables Data Warehouse, Data Visualization & Executive Dashboards

Business Analytics-

Knowing what exactly is bound to happen in the near future in your business and the best solution to make it happen comes under the category of Business Analytics.

With a better understanding & a clear approach in the implementation of Predictive Analysis, it becomes a lot easier for the businesses to predict the future events & prepare themselves in the best way possible.

Business Analytics enables Data Analytics & Data Science

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