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Big Data Is High In Demand- Get To Know About The Reasons

Most of you might have come across the terms Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. There are the latest buzz words heard across every industry more or less used interchangeably. The common aspect among these technologies is Big Data.

Most of the processes in Machine Learning, AI & Data Science involves working on algorithms and creating models towards achieving the desired results. These models are developed based on Big Data. The demand for Big Data & its technologies is so high that experts are predicting that within the coming 10years, 90% of jobs would get automated out of which 30% will be on Big Data and its associated technologies. The best part here is that India ranks second with an expected automation potential of 52%..

Why Exactly The Demand For Big Data Is Is Rising?

Robust Data Models-

The benefit of Machine Learning, AI & Data Science models in businesses & in other technologies is quite evident to everyone. More the amount of data which is fed to these models the more robust they tend to become. The overall performance of these models greatly depends on the amount of data fed to them & also accuracy in the data matter a lot in this regard

Influences Project Outcomes-

The rising prominence for Big Data is felt by companies across IT & Corporate domains as well. The success of a project these days is largely dependent on Big Data. Lack of Big Data causes unforeseen project management failures resulting in the loss. By carefully analyzing the Big Data, project managers can get a clear idea on the project on which they are working on.

Predictive Analytics-

Predictive Analysis makes use of Big Data to accurately make predictions about the future. Based on analysis made on transaction & historical data it becomes easy to identify risks and opportunities for future. Major e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart are using Predictive Analytics to evaluate any unforeseen mechanical failures and to know the present trends & customer interests.

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