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Best DevOps Tools To Invest In 2019

With the rise in the prominence for DevOps enterprises have now find new perspective to software development. DevOps has now become a part of every organization across the IT & Corporate sector as a change in culture.

Having the present of a number of tools, DevOps models tend to be much complex to understand & implement for the beginners. In this blog post, we have explained two of the most prominent tools in DevOps that are extensively used across industry.

  • Jenkins

Jenkins is the best trusted automation tool in DevOps for many software development teams. Jenkins is an open source CI/CD server that helps the developers to automate the different stages of their delivery pipeline. The presence of innumerable plugins in its ecosystem has made Jenkins to become a very popular tool in the DevOps ecosystem. At present, Jenkins is said to be having over 1,000+ plugins, making it easy to integrate all DevOps tools, from Docker to Puppet.

With the help of Jenkins setting up & customizing CI/CD pipeline becomes a lot easier. It can run out-of-the-box on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Jenkin can be easily installed with Docker.  If you are complete novice who knows nothing about Jenkins then you can prefer to install it with frequently used plugins. It also has the option to create your own custom config as well.

Deploying new code is never easier until the advent of Jenkins. Also, with Jenkins we can easily measure the success of each step of pipeline.

  • Dockor

If you are looking for the best container platform in the DevOps environment then Docker is the perfect choice for you. Docker has a lot of innovative features with frequent updates. The concept of containerization has become a lot popular in the tech world through Docker. By using Docker isolation of applications into separate containers can be made possible so that they become portable and more secure. The applications built in Docker are platform independent.

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