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Benefits Of Using Docker

The popularity of Docker has grown immensely over the past few years. Enterprises these are more interested in running their applications in the containers rather using virtual machines. In response to the rising demand for Docker, the advancements in this tool are happening very rapidly.

With the help of Docker, users can affectively pack, distribute, and manage applications within containers. Docker is undoubtedly the best automation tool that helps to automating the task of deploying applications inside the containers. If you are a DevOps career enthusiast who is interested in building his/her career in this domain then work towards building hands-on expertise in the prominent DevOps tools like Docker, Maven, Jenkins & others with advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of using Docker

Better Returns On Investment-

One of the preliminary advantages of using Docker in DevOps is the higher returns on the investments. Docker is the best solution for the enterprises that need to generate steady revenues over the long term. By eliminating the expenditure which is spent on maintaining the infrastructure & as it requires limited number of resources to run applications, Docker helps the enterprises to save a lot of money.

Standardization & Productivity-

By deploying Dockers, enterprises can ensure consistency across the development and release cycles. Standardization is among the major benefits of using Docker. Docker also supports the enterprises to stimulate a repetitive environment where development, build, test, and production process can be done continuously.

CI Efficiency-

With Docker, users can use the same container image in all the steps of the deployment process. It helps in eliminating the non-dependent steps and run them in parallel. With Docker, enterprises can reduce the time from build to production.

Rapid Deployment-

With Docker, the overall time taken for deployment can be reduced to just a few seconds. This is possible as it creates containers for every stage of the development process. Enterprises have now got no reasons to worry about the cost to bring up the data which is destroyed.

Apart from these, the other benefits of using Docker are Compatibility and Maintainability, Rapid Configurations, Continuous Deployment and Testing, Enhanced Security. 

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