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Applications Of Web Scrapping In Data Science

Big Data has nowadays become a major essential commodity for the enterprises business development process.  Performing analysis techniques on Big Data will help the business enterprises across various sectors to scale & grow. Speaking of data analysis, one question that may arise in your mind is how exactly is the relevant data is mined? The answer to your question is ‘Web Scrapping’. It is the technique that is used for collecting relevant data for analysis from various sources. Web Scrapping is a crucial skill set in the inventory of a Data Scientist.

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Now, let’s look at the applications of Web Scrapping.

  • Web Scrapping For Competitive Analysis

In this fast paced competitive world, in order to survive, enterprises need to strictly implement competitor price monitoring strategies. If the price monitoring process is done manually it would take a lot of time but this process can be automated using Web Scrapping techniques.

  • Web Scrapping For Product Descriptions

Most of the enterprises from the E-Commerce sector used to find the task of providing descriptions for all the products big burden & time consuming. This process of fetching product descriptions & images can be automated by using Web Scrapping technique in Data Science. This approach will be saving a lot of time.

  • Web Scrapping For News Articles

Most of enterprises rely on news articles for essential information. However, fetching information across hundreds of newspapers would often consume a lot of time. This process can be performed hassle free with the help of Web Scrapping technique that helps in pulling news stories, headlines etc with the help of keywords.

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