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Analytics Products By AWS For Handling Big Data

Amazon Web Services developed by the ecommerce giants Amazon Company is best known for offering scalable computing products and services. The cloud services offered by AWS extend their support to servers, storage, networking, remote computing, application development and more. Two of the best known products in the AWS platform are EC2, Amazon’s virtual machine service and S3, Amazon’s storage system. The advancements in AWS are so rapid that it is outperforming most of its competitors in the cloud industry & some of them are the leading tech giants like Google & Microsoft.

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Analytics Products Offered By AWS For Handling Big Data-

Apart from delivering services for computing solutions, AWS also offers a variety of data analytics tools for Big Data management. AWS supports its customers with a wide range of analytics tools that help them in handling data in real-time AWS products like Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Kinesis, Redshift, Data Pipeline are among the most extensively used Big Data management tools.

Let’s have a look at different analytics products offered by AWS for Big Data management


With Athena, users can search for the files in their S3 bucket by using SQL queries

Elastic Map Reduce-

With EMR, it will be possible to handle Big Data technologies like Hadoop, Spark & Scala and others


With CloudSearch, you can build a fully managed search engine for your website


This product is very much similar in terms with CloudSearch. It also exhibits additional features like application monitoring.


With Kinesis, users can stream & analyze large volumes of Big Data at scale. It is also capable of data storing operations & can store several tera bytes of data every hour

Data Pipeline

With Data Pipeline, users can easily move data from one location to another.

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