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Amazon Web Services Security, Identity, & Compliances

Amazon Web Services which is shortly referred to as AWS is emerging as the most dominant cloud computing platform. AWS cloud services are known for their high end security features that secure its users sensitive data from all types of security breaches. Having started its operations back in the year 2006, AWS now spans 77 availability zones within 24 geographic regions & is currently planning to extend its zone of reach.

Currently, AWS is having several millions of customer base all over the world & many enterprises are recruiting the best skilled & certified AWS experts in their workforce. Work towards understanding the different types of cloud services offered by AWS with our AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s look get a clear idea on Services Security, Identity, & Compliance on AWS   

  • Data Protection

Amazon Web Services give utmost prominence to safeguard its users sensitive data, accounts, and workloads. Any form of unauthorized access would be restricted & the customer would be notified about the same. The security services in AWS provide advanced level encryption, key management & threat detection models that continuously monitor & safeguard the users’ data from all forms of cyber threats & unauthorized access.

  • Identity Access & Management

Users can securely manage their identities, resources, and allocate permissions at scale with the help of the advanced Identity Services by AWS. Users can easily access & manage their workloads & applications on AWS with its Identity Access & Management services.

  • Threat Detection Models

The advanced threat detection models in AWS will be continuously monitoring the network activity & users account behaviour. In case, if there’s any unauthorized access or any form of threat it would immediately block the threat & notifies it to the user.

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