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Advanced Skills That Matter For Every DevOps Engineer

DevOps is a major game changing event that has revolutionized the enterprises IT & Software development process. Many enterprises are leaving behind their age old traditional waterfall development process & are shifting to DevOps owing its numerous benefits. DevOps strategies help the enterprises in achieving continuous software delivery, rapid deployment & frequent software releases. The numerous benefits that can be achieved by deploying DevOps are encouraging the enterprises to recruit the best skilled DevOps professionals into their workforce.

As per Glassdoor’s report, the role of a DevOps Engineer is considered as the second most in-demand job-role in U.S & in several other parts of the world. Leading organizations like Amazon and Facebook to Netflix are recruiting the skilled DevOps professionals at large to ensure rapid and consistent delivery of software and security updates. To stay competitive, most of the Indian enterprises are also making inroads into DevOps.

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Now, let’s have a look at some of the most in-demand skill sets to succeed in a career in DevOps.

  • Software Security Skills

DevSecOps (Security DevOps) is the trending concept in the IT & Software industry. As DevOps strategies set their complete focus on faster software releases, it results in certain security vulnerabilities as it becomes tough for the security teams to keep up with the faster cycle. So, DevOps professionals basic software security skills.

  • Skills In Automation Tools & Technologies

The extent of success in DevOps process relies heavily on the extent & quality of automation. A DevOps Engineer needs to have efficient skills in the latest automation tools & technologies that could help them to automate the entre DevOps pipeline, including CI/CD, continuous testing, app performance monitoring & more. Automation helps in fostering speed throughout the development process, enhances the accuracy & also diminishes the scope for error.

  • Coding & Scripting Skills

DevOps Engineers needs to have skills in coding & scripting languages like Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, & Node.js. These skills will become handy at the time of automation of resources.

Apart from these skills, there are several other skills related to cloud, testing, tools, etc are also crucial for DevOps Engineers.  Develop real-world skills in this field by being a part of Kelly Technologies DevOps training program.

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