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Advanced Security Features In AWS That Keep Your Cloud Secured

Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud computing platform that supports businesses with low cost & highly scalable cloud solutions. The cloud solutions in AWS are highly secured, and with frequent upgrades in its security systems, AWS makes it nearly impossible for the cyber attackers to penetrate its security defenses.

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Now, let’s take a look at the AWS security features that will keep your cloud secure.

  • Identity Access Management (IAM)

With IAM, managers can define access to their services and resources in the cloud. So, only those users who have given permissions can view or edit the files present in the cloud, thereby restricting access to others from making unnecessary changes.

  • S3 Security

This is a highly advanced security feature in AWS that provides data storage with high durability and availability. It comes with a default setting that restricts the users from reading or editing the files except for the owner. These security services safeguard users’ data from viewing, altering, or deleting by others.

  • Security Groups

 Everyone must be well aware that most of our applications will be running in the EC2 instances servers inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). AWS has different high-level security groups that let users grant or restrict permissions to the traffic to enter their VPC.

  • CloudTrail

 CloudTrail is an advanced security feature by AWS that lets the managers constantly track their users’ activity.  This feature also performs frequent security analysis. With AWS CloudTrail, managers can easily safeguard their organization’s digital assets from internal threats.

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