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A Sneak Preview Into The AWS Service List

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is no doubt one of the spectacular innovations in the history of cloud. The rapid advancements in AWS have not only taken the cloud industry by storm but have also taken the cloud revolution a step further ahead. The constantly changing business needs has made cloud as a necessity for businesses of all types & as AWS delivers highly scalable, cost-effective, secured and on-demand storage services it is being adopted by companies at large.

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Now, let’s take a look at the different services offered by AWS

  • Storage

AWS delivers its own storage solutions in the name of Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as S3. This is a highly scalable storage services offered by AWS which helps the uses to store data up to 5 Gigabytes. S3 is having number of buckets inside which users can store their large data files securely. AWS also allocates access to the users to another storage tier which is known as Amazon Glacier and Amazon Elastic Block Store.

  • Security

AWS is best known for its higher level security services. One of the most popular among the services is AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM. IAM assists users in managing access over to cloud resources.

Another predominant feature of IAM is that it helps the users to create and control custom policies for multiple accounts. Having a number of data centers worldwide, AWS never compromises in its security.

  • Networking

With AWS, users can have their own Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) with full control in their hands. Users can also control the network traffic with the help of a number of productive tools by AWS.

  • Data Migration

With the help of AWS Data Migration tools, users can securely migrate their data, applications, servers and database on its public AWS cloud. AWS Migration Hub & AWS Snowball are amongst the most predominantly used AWS Data Migration services.

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