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RPA Potentially a Game Changer and drives further Automation in Digital Transformation

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The use of Intelligent Automation (IA), like Robotic Process Automation, is generating huge interest in the shared services and operational transformation space. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is trending technology a form of Artificial Intelligence mediating to software that minimizes manual human tasks performed using a mixture of user interface (UI) interaction or descriptor technologies. These new automation solutions offer the prospects of fast and dramatic returns with minimal up front investments, and the ability to bring previously offshored/outsourced processes back on shore.

Today companies can use RPA to minimize human efforts and driver efficiency, increase speed to deployment. RPA provides a real workforce of collaborative robots, or “bots”. These bots are designed to take on the repetitive tasks performed by humans which tend to be mundane and as a result, abundant with errors.

What Are The Automation Options For RPA?

RPA technology presents several high level automation applications, some of them include

  • Desktop Automation
  • Virtual API’s
  • Virtual Workforce

How Does This Benefit An Organization?

RPA software is low code, which results in a fastest delivery time to market. The automation of business processes results in task automation for consistent results, reduction in human error, and a reduction in cost. Because teams can be freed to work on value added tasks, it increases the total volume of workload they can process. In addition, when an exception occurs, RPA can be used to create tough tasks in BPM to be performed by humans.

What Processes Are A Fit For RPA?

RPA provides a chance to automate processes that previously were not possible. The following are ideal candidates for RPA selection:

  • High Process Volume
  • Repetitive Tasks
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Multiple Legacy Systems
  • Structured Rules with Low Exceptions
  • High FTE Number

With the help of RPA organizations can increase customer satisfaction by removing human errors, increase operational efficiency and time to completion, and increase accuracy and compliance.

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