Get To Know About The Top Data Science Platforms That Cash The Analytics Code

Get To Know About The Top Data Science Platforms That Cash The Analytics Code

Over the years, the global demand for the analytics-based technology of Data Science has gone beyond all the expected boundaries across the IT & corporate sectors. And almost most of the platforms that are working on Data Science are a massive hit driving exceedingly high business revenues. And if believed to the expert’s view, by the end of 2025 the global Data Science platform market is expected to reach to a whopping $400billion.

Why The Data Science Platforms Are Must For Any Business?

In the present day’s digitalized world, Data Science platforms have become must-have tools for any business enterprise either big or small so as to scale up their frontiers. Well, to explain the Data Science platform in the simpler terminology we can consider it as a software hub around which multiple functioning applications like Data Mining, Data Organizing, Data Exploring, Coding, Model Building & such other functionalities are precisely performed. They help in exploring the best solutions to solve the real-world business problems.

Let’s get a clear look at some of the top Data Science Platforms that are most liked & extensively used across multiple business operations in the IT & Corporate world.

Top Data Science Platforms That Cash The Analytics Code:

Alteryx Analytics

Alteryx Analytics is best known to deliver advanced products which are based on business intelligence & predictive analysis which can be precisely used for a wide range of applications for Data Science. It is not an open source platform & in order to avail its services, there are predefined pricing levels. Alteryx Analytics is extensively being used by top organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Audi & many others.


MATLAB is a quite popular name in the analytics world & is extensively used in data analytics for Big Data, Machine Learning, Neural Networks & more. MATLAB presents its users the facility to use it for accessing the data across a different variety of sources & formats. Some of the most commonly used sources are Hadoop distributed file systems, IoT devices, Spreadsheets & many more. MATLAB comes with 30days free trial after which a license has to be purchased to continue availing its services.


It’s almost quite rare that a person from an IT background isn’t familiar with Anaconda. It is one among the most widely used Free Open Source distribution of Python & R programming languages. It extends its analytics applications in the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Starting from small start-ups to big tech giants make extensive of Anaconda analytics platform for their analytics needs.


R-Studio is also one among the most extensively used Data Science platform. It is considered to be the most interactive open source based analytics platform with integrated development environment (IDE) with R community. R-Studio is well compatible for Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 & as well as for Mac & Linux desktops. Tech giants who are currently using this platform are Samsung, eBay, Accenture, Honda, NASA & many others.

Some of the other popular Data Science platforms are R-Studio, H2O, KNIME, Databricks, TIBCO, RapidMiner Studio & many more

Where Can You Leverage Real-Time Knowledge Of Data Science Platforms?

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