AWS Has Emerged Out As A Dominant Force Ruling The IaaS Market.

AWS Has Emerged Out As A Dominant Force Ruling The IaaS Market.

I’m quite sure that everyone is well aware of the Amazon e-commerce web-based company which is currently one among the largest online merchant. And in addition to being merely an e-commerce company, Amazon has also stepped in to deliver its own cloud services platform in the name of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This platform delivers different applications ranging from database storage to content delivery systems.

At present, there is a stiff competition among the top-notching cloud service providers to rule the IaaS global cloud market.

What Exactly Is IaaS?

IaaS stands for Infrastructure As A Service which provides cloud computing based services over the internet. Major IaaS vendors include big names like Microsoft, Google, Rackspace and more.

AWS IaaS Market Share:

The exclusively high growth of cloud infrastructure in the present IT industry is quite inevitable. Well, the thing that may amaze you here is that as per the recent stats within a short span of time Amazon Web Services has emerged out to become the most dominant force ruling the IaaS (Infra Structure As A Service) market share.

Having received a growth of whoomping 45.9% since the last year the Amazon Web Services has topped the chart of global IaaS market share by covering a major share of 44% at the global level. Top organizations like Microsoft and Google are trailing behind with an overall market share of 7.1% and 2.3% respectively.

AWS Emerging As The Most Dominant Career Profession:

With the building prominence of AWS in the field of cloud computing, it is best known for offering excellent opportunities for boosting the career graph of its professionals.

Benefits of Pursuing AWS Certification:

  • AWS is turning into the gold standard of the cloud computing field.
  • AWS skills are in demand and fetch you the best pay packages.
  • Can bag employment opportunities from top-notching multinational organizations.

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