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Advanced Programming Languages For A Successful Data Science Career-2019

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Data science has emerged out becoming a major revolution in the analytics industry & is currently the most in-trend technology of 2019. As the demand for Data Science experts is out spacing, there is a need for Data Science career enthusiasts to possess following skills of programming and mathematical expertise.

Before getting started with the procedure of building your career in Data Science he/she must be able to make the right decision which programming language should they gain expertise in.

Here below is the list of the top programming languages in which one should build expertise for a successful career in analytics.


Python is an open source general purpose programming language which is expensively used across various domains. Python is a multi-paradigm programming language & it has the presence of huge number of libraries to help the users perform a wide variety of tasks. With knowledge of Python performing tasks like automation, multimedia, graphical user interface, databases, text, and image processing becomes well effective.

At present, Python is the leading programming language for used for Data Science & in addition to it Python programming is extensively used for Web Development, Scientific Computing, Data Mining, Gamming & other complex applications.


R is an open source language which is widely used for statistical computing and graphics. If ou are a career enthusiast whose looking to secure job as a Data Scientist or Machine Learning engineer then having knowledge of R is a must. R offers strong object-oriented programming skills which give it an advantage over other computing languages.


Structured Query Language which is in short referred to as SQL is one among the most extensively used programming languages in the IT sector. With the help of SQL programming handling large databases has become quite easier. It also helps in updating, querying and manipulating databases.

Generally Data Scientist have to extract large volumes of data from the database, for that purpose, the knowledge of SQL is a must.


MATLAB is a numerical computing language which is designed to perform complex numerical computations with similar context to Python. MATLAB has the presence of solid algorithms for numerical computing language used by entire academia and industry. MATLAB is considered to be a well-suited language for mathematicians and scientists dealing with sophisticated mathematical needs like image processing, matrix algebra and signal processing.


For those professionals who are working on high-volume datasets having knowledge of Scala will surely prove to be beneficial. Scala offers full support for functional programming and a strong static type system.

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