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According to a report from the StackOverflow developer survey, Python has topped the list of most searched programming languages in the last 3 years. Python is not only the most widely used programming language on the web, but has also been developed with many features that encourage newcomers to choose Python and established developers to switch to it. Python has grown rapidly compared to other languages like Java and C + + and its simple syntax and readability make learning much easier.

Python is an important programming language known for its use in Data Science, Web Development, Software Development, Game Development and Automation. Python is undoubtedly the easiest programming language to learn and it has a number of built-in packages and libraries that will make your job a lot easier. Although Python is an easy language to learn, it takes time and energy to master it.

Python for Data Science:

Python is a programming language preferred for performing data analytical operations on Big Data. Python is extensively used in Data Science and Machine Learning due to its simple syntax and it supports a number of libraries and packages for both these technologies. It is a well-known and readable programming language and its syntax is designed to be interpretable and concise, which has inspired many other programming languages. You can master Data Science with Python with our Python Training in Hyderabad course.

List of prominent Python libraries for Data Science:

  • NumPy

This Python’s library makes a variety of mathematical and statistical operations easier.

  • Pandas

Most of the Data Scientists rely on this library to work with large sets of data as it is created specifically to facilitate working with Big Data.

  • Matplotlib

This library is extensively used by Data Scientists to generate visually appealing charts from their data.

  • Scikit-Learn

This is the most popular library for Machine Learning work in Python.

Once you have learned the basics of Python, you can start working on simple projects. Scikit-Learn builds on such libraries and provides a homogeneous framework for Python programming projects so that they can be more exploratory. If you already have experience with programming languages such as R, Java or C + +, it is easy to learn Python but not to program it. Learning programming in languages like Python, a universal language that can be used in a variety of contexts, is a valuable skill. You can develop hands-on real-world skills in Python with our Python Course in Hyderabad.

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