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Which Aspects of AWS gives an Edge over its Competitors?

The growing prominence of the cloud services offered by AWS must be well clear to everyone. Despite facing stiff competition from the other cloud service providers like Google, Microsoft & Rackspace, AWS has still managed to become the global cloud industry leader by holding a maximum share in the global IaaS market share. You can build technical expertise in the prominent areas involving AWS with our AWS Training in Hyderabad program. Now, let’s analyze the different aspects that give an edge to AWS over its competitors.

Factors that gives AWS an Edge over its Competitors

  • Low Investment Cost

The cost of setting up the infrastructure for AWS is literally zero. As everything gets managed directly over the cloud, enterprises doesn’t need to spend money on setting up the infrastructure and can literally start their business with zero capital expenditure.

  • No Commitments

Unlike any other cloud service provider, AWS doesn’t bother users with any commitments prior to using their services. User are free to select which ever service they wish to use and will be paying for the service which they have used based on hourly basics pay model.

  • Efficient Pricing Model

AWS follows the most cost efficient pay-per-use pricing model. In this pricing model, user will be charged only for the service which they have used over a particular period of time. Apart from this, AWS has considerably brought down the prices of its services as much as 30 times less in comparison to its competitors.

  • Advanced Security

With frequent updates in its security models, AWS is bind to deliver highly secured cloud solutions to its client. Users can securely store their sensitive data in cloud based storage solutions offered by AWS.

Apart from these, there are several other aspects that led to the rise in the demand for AWS and if you wish to build your skills in AWS cloud then join us for our advanced AWS Course in Hyderabad program.

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