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What Is Azure DevOps & Why Should Enterprises Use It?

As an open platform, it enables great integration with many commonly used tools. Azure has a comprehensive set of tools and features that allow DevOps teams to run projects with one vendor from start to finish. If you are a Microsoft developer, imagine Azure DevOps as VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) or TFS (Team Foundation Server) – it brings an improvement with a few extras.

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a set of tools that help build a culture that brings together application development teams, project managers and other employees, as well as quality assurance and operations teams, to plan their work and collaborate on application development. Azure provides development teams with a full range of tools that they can use in conjunction with third-party solutions and you can develop skills in handling these tools with our Azure DevOps Training in Hyderabad course.

For software-driven organizations, Azure DevOps offers a robust platform where you can deploy your solutions in a pipeline that enables continuous integration and deployment. Azure provides an end-to-end solution for software development, giving you the freedom to use tools of your choice and includes most of the tools on the market to make customization and experimentation easy. It also supports open source solutions such as GitHub, and the platform provides enterprise-level security benefits to development teams.

Whether you provide solutions hosted on Azure or hosted on AWS, the Azure DevOps CICD pipeline takes your solutions from development to delivery. There is an extensive market of plugins, integrations and infrastructure codes that can be integrated into the pipeline so that even the most ambitious system administrator can automate far-reaching changes to his environment from a single location.

DevOps and Azure DevOps:

DevOps is the collaboration between software development, production, management, developers and operational teams. It is a combination of software development (dev) and IT operations (ops) teams that today has become the go-to methodology for IT. On this basis, it is not unreasonable to consider DevOps as a software development method as it is connected to and influenced by several software development methods but there is more to it

Azure DevOps is a solution tool that improves collaboration and coordination and makes it easier for development teams to respond to and manage customer and product changes. It enables the software development team to plan, collaborate and ship the end product in less time and with faster time to market to set up modern services.  You can leverage deep technical expertise in the Azure DevOps job role with our Azure DevOps Course in Hyderabad program.

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