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What is Azure DevOps? Learn its Prominent Features in this Guide

Azure DevOps Services (also known as Visual Studio Team Services, VSTS) have become very popular recently. You can choose Azure DevOps services depending on whether you integrate on the cloud or on the ground. By naming your integration, you can identify the accounts you are connecting to. The best part about using Azure DevOps is that its integration is done with the customer in mind and it supports a wide range of tools to manage your code development needs. You can develop skills to integrate Azure DevOps with our Azure DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

Creating a release pipeline is an intuitive of Azure DevOps and it supports easy-to-use drag-and-drop process, and in just a few minutes you can deploy your application to your server with very little code. Users will also have access to link their build pipelines to GitHub and Azure DevOps Git repositories means you can use CI to trigger your builds and report their status (commit, pull request, merge, etc.

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a software as a service platform that consists of a complete set of tools that not only provide Azure DevOps capabilities, but also give the ability to use the entire product development lifecycle to manage DevOps.

Azure DevOps Migration Tools:

Azure DevOps supports an number of migration tools using which we can process and migrate abundant volumes of Big Data and team projects from Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) to Azure DevOps Services. Once you commit to the master branch, the basic pipeline is ready to build and execute the code. Once the build is released, we recommend that you use the build, export, and import tools provided in the user interface to move the new team project.

In summary, Azure DevOps is one of the most agile, focused project tracking and planning tools, coupled with the Developer DevOps tools to write, create, and deploy code on your server inventory. In the following time we will write more about DevOps in Azure. Here is a preview version of the documentation for the DevOps migration tools. You can know more in-depth about Azure DevOps and build hands-on cognitive skills in this field with our Azure DevOps Course in Hyderabad program.

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