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What is AWS CloudFront? What are its Benefits?

Amazon Web Services which is otherwise known as AWS is a pioneer leader cloud computing industry. With more than 100 different cloud solutions spread across 81 Availability Zones within 25 geographic regions around the world, AWS has emerged as an undisputed leader in the cloud computing industry. CloudFront is one of the prominent services offered by AWS that deals with content delivery network. By subscribing to CloudFront we can precisely speed up the distribution of static and dynamic web content to our clientele.

What is AWS Cloudfront?

Amazon Cloudfront is one the most extensively used cloud service in AWS that deals with the aspect of content delivery. With AWS Cloudfront it becomes easy to retrieve data stored in the Amazon S3 bucket and you can know how to retrieve data with our AWS Training program. As Amazon has established a wide network of data centers distributed worldwide delivering content across the regions around the world has become an easy task.

What are the Benefits of AWS CloudFront?

  • Globally

Latency is one of the critical issues when it comes to delivering content across different edge locations. AS there are more than 216 edge locations spread across the worlds, latency is no longer an issue while delivering content with AWS CloudFront.

  • Fast

One of the major benefits of using Amazon CloudFront is the high speed at which content is transferred as is already cached in the nearest edge location. Users will be experiencing a lightning-fast speed delivery of the content like never before.

  • Dynamic Transfer

AWS CloudFront is very flexible when it comes to content delivery and supports lightning-fast speed delivery of both static and dynamic content. Even if one byte is loaded into the cache, it gets immediately transferred to the client working as a Live Steam.

  • Encryption

AWS CloudFront exhibits high end security features which users can benefit from without any extra added costs. It uses a 7 Layer Protection named AWS Web Application Firewall.

You can know more in-depth about the AWS CloudFront and other popular services offered by AWS with our AWS Course program.

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