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Critical Steps in the DevOps Software Development Process Lifecycle

Many companies in the software development industry are deploying DevOps culture to stay relevant in terms with the current industry trends. Successful deployment of DevOps strategies can help enterprises in achieving many benefits like precise resource, continuous software delivery, faster deployment of product to market, frequent software updates and more.  By eliminating soiled relation between the cross functioning teams, DevOps contributes to early identification and fixture of bugs and frequent software updates in close alignment with business objectives.

Let’s take a look at the key phases of DevOps process lifecycle

DevOps Process Key Phases:

  • Plan-

Here developers will be gathering inputs from the business teams to get a clear picture of the product or the software which they are assigned with.

  • Code

This is the phase where the actual coding begins. The most commonly used DevOps tool in this phase is GIT for the version control to ensure code repository.

  • Build

Here by making use of Maven and Gradle tools developers will be setting-up the environment for the application development. As the code is made available across different repositories developers will find it easy to build the complete application.

  • Test

Testing is a continuous process in DevOps which is achieved through automation tools cucumber and selenium are used. 

  • Integrate

Once the code is successfully tested developers integrate several new features to the existing code.   Developers usually make use of Jenkins tool in this phase.

  • Deployment & Operate

Tools like bmc, XbiaLabs and Chef and Ansible are used for accurate deployment and for managing the production environment

  • Monitor

The end product/software is carefully monitored and if any changes are required it will be taken back to development and if everything’s clear then the product is released into the market.

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