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About the Course

Getting certified from our “Kelly Technologies” training institutes Microsoft Azure Online Training, it will surely help the aspirants to become well capable enough to make the most out of the numerous career aspiring opportunities that are made available in this highly dominant career profession.

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What Exactly Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is considered as an eminent cloud computing application platform that falls under the category of the platform as a service. Microsoft Azure comprises of various on-demand services that are majorly hosted across the Microsofts data centers. Being considered as the most consistent hybrid cloud computing platform, connecting your data and applications in the Microsoft Azure cloud and its on-premises will surely ensure on delivering maximum portability and is set to deliver a value to your existing investments. Azure depicts various high-level application features like

  • Delivering high-level consistency in the development of various applications.
  • Showcases high-level management and security applications.
  • Highly precise and accurate performance levels.

Microsoft Azure performs different cloud computing applications like

  • Cloud-Based Services
  • App-Based Services
  • SQL Data Based Services
  • Storage-Based Services
  • API Management
  • Virtual Networking
  • Log Analytics

Acquiring a complete set of inside-out knowledge in the cloud computing platform of Microsoft Azure, it will surely help the aspirants to make the most out of the numerous career opportunities that made available in this dynamic field. Kelly Technologies is one among the most dominant institutes that delivers complete career-oriented Online Microsoft Azure Training.

Learning Modules Of Microsoft Azure Online Training

With the intent of delivering the best-skilled cloud professionals to meet the ongoing industry demand, we deliver complete advanced training covering all the in-depth learning modules of Microsoft Azure.

Some of the major concepts covered in our “Kelly Technologies” Microsoft Azure Online Training are

  • To leverage knowledge in the concepts of creating different web portals using templates.
  • To work on the concepts of Azure architecture, security & to develop knowledge in its usage.
  • To leverage in different types of Azure storage-based applications by working on concepts like blobs, tables & ques.
  • To work on different service models of cloud computing.
  • To work on delivering skills in the concepts of sharing media content ensuring security levels.
  • To build skills in the applications related to the concept of migrating from the local database to SQL Azure.

Intended Audience For Online Microsoft Azure Training

Microsoft Azure Online Certification Training from our “Kelly Technologies” will be the best fit for all those cloud computing career desired aspirants & professionals who are intended to make it big in the Microsoft Azure career profession.

This course will be the best fit for

Topics Covered

  • Developers & T Professionals
  • Cloud Computing Career Desired Aspirants
  • Networking Professionals
  • MS.Net Developers
  • Non-IT Professionals
  • Management Professionals
  • Degree Holders & Job Seekers

Pre-Requisites For Microsoft Azure Online Training

Getting into our institutes Best Microsoft Azure Online Training doesn’t require the need for any certification or another additional degree.

Having knowledge in relation to the following concepts will surely be of a great help for abetter retention of subject knowledge.

  • Knowledge of the basics of SQL servers.
  • Knowledge of the .NET application platform.
  • Knowledge of visual studio.

Job Roles Of Microsoft Azure Training

By gaining hold of complete skill sets & knowledge in relation to Microsoft Azure by enrolling in our “Kelly Technologies” Microsoft Azure Online Course the aspirants will become well effective in handling different job roles in this profession which include

  • Microsoft and Azure System Administrator
  • Microsoft/Azure Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Consultant
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Expert
  • Cloud Specialist Solutions Architect
  • Principal Software Engineer-Azure Architect

Microsoft Azure Online Certification Training

“Kelly Technologies” Microsoft Azure Online Certification Training will surely deliver a value to your career profile & help you to secure the best career profession in this dynamic field. We help the aspirants build complete exposure towards industry oriented training & get hold of hands-on knowledge towards real-time projects and case studies.

Make the most out of the numerous career opportunities in this field by simply enrolling in our “Kelly Technologies” career program of Microsoft Azure Online Training.

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