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About the Course

Through our highly advanced real-time training carried under the guidance of complete real-time professionals, we are mainly aimed at delivering the best skilled Salesforce CRM professionals to meet with the ongoing global industrial demand in this field. Make the most out of the Salesforce CRM professional career by leveraging knowledge in the concepts of Salesforce app development, deploying the database, process automation & more by simply getting enrolled in our “Kelly Technologies” Salesforce CRM Online Course

What Exactly Is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM is one among the most effectively used software toolsets for the purpose of customer relationship management & over the course of a few years it has managed to acquire a wide range of prominence across several sectors including the industrial and business as well. With the help of Salesforce CRM, it has become possible for the organizations to effectively analyze & get hold of customer interactions so as to avail a better growth in their sales.

The major strength of Salesforce CRM lies in its capabilities of centralizing the customers’ data & is well capable of automating typical sales-related applications, marketing and more of such high-level applications that help the organizations to make the most out of the customer insights and achieve several benefits with a better customer relationship management. There is an extensive demand for the professionals who are well skilled in handling all the customer relationship management applications of Salesforce & can drive enhanced profit margins to their implying organizations.

Salesforce CRM Online Training from our “Kelly Technologies” training institute will surely help the aspirants to build complete skill sets in delivering a 360degree of the customers’ insights by making the most out of the Salesforce CRM application toolset.

Course Objectives Of Salesforce CRM Online Training

With the aid of Salesforce CRM Online Certification Training, our “Kelly Technologies” training institute is mainly aimed at delivering the best skilled & talented professionals who are capable of handling all the application functions of Salesforce CRM to meet with the ongoing colossal industry demand.

The main objectives of our institutes Online Salesforce CRM Training are

  • To impart effective skills to master the roles of Salesforce Administrator & Salesforce Application Developer.
  • To deliver skills in handling the Salesforce configuration tasks in order to collect, retrieve & analyze complete customer based information.
  • To enhance the skills needed for development & to deploy next-generation cloud applications.
  • To make the students capable to work in all kinds of working environments.

Learning Modules Of Salesforce CRM Online Training

The major learning modules associated with our “Kelly Technologies” Best Salesforce CRM Online Training are

  • Introduction to Salesforce CRM.
  • Learn the concept of configuring, customizing & debugging different applications.
  • To build knowledge & hands-on experience in working with MVC architecture.
  • Working towards acquiring skills in handling various security issues & for validating customers’ data.
  • To build knowledge in the applications of UI and navigate through the software.
  • To gain knowledge in working on effective filters & dashboards.
  • To build knowledge in working on cloud computing infrastructure.
  • To acquire complete hands-on knowledge in working with all the real-time projects & case studies.

Pre-Requisites For The Course

In order to get into our institutes Salesforce CRM Online Course, the aspirants don’t need to have any additional skill sets or high-level professional degrees. Even getting into this field doesn’t require an extensive coding knowledge. Anyone with an acute interest in getting into the Salesforce profession gets enrolled in this course.

However, having knowledge of the following concepts will surely help the aspirants in acquiring a better understanding of the concepts of being trained by the faculty.

  • Having better project management skills.
  • Excellent communication & presentation skills will be of great help.

Intended Audience

This course is mainly intended for the professionals and job seekers who are having a keen interest in making it big in the career profession of Salesforce CRM.

Also, our Kelly Technologies Salesforce CRM Online Training will be the best fit for

  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Networking Professionals.
  • IT & Non-IT Professionals
  • Graduates
  • Job Seekers & More

About Kelly Technologies Salesforce CRM Online Certification Training

Our highly acclaimed Kelly Technologies training institutes certification program of Salesforce CRM Online Training will surely be the ideal choice for making it big in the career profession of Salesforce CRM. The certification which we provide will surely help to deliver a value to your career profile. Make the most out of this highly advanced career program by simply enrolling in our “Kelly Technologies” Salesforce CRM Online Course.

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