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Big Data Analytics Online Training

Course Duration: 35 Days

Big Data Analytics Experts“ are the most in-demand & one of the highest paid analytics professionals at the present time. The present day’s digital world of the 21st century is being referred to as the year of Big Data explosion where a massive rise in the usage of data has been seen around the globe. This has created a dire need for the organizations across IT & other corporate sectors to hire the best skilled Big Data Analytics experts who are well capable to extract valuable insights from these enormous levels of data.

With the main motive to meet with the ongoing colossal industry demand for the Big Data Analytics professionals our “Kelly Technologies” has started delivering Big Data Analytics Online Training program. This is a complete real-time based training approach which is delivered from the hands of leading analytics industry experts. Availing the Kelly Technologies Big Data Analytics certification will surely help the aspirants to avail the best set of career opportunities in this ingenious technology.

Plan towards shaping your automation career profession to perfection by getting enrolled for the Kelly Technologies advanced training program of UiPath Online Course.

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What Exactly Is Big Data Analytics?

The term Big Data Analytics simply relates to the set of applications involved in extracting the valuable insights that are encrypted inside relatively large sets of data. After extracting the insights that are hidden inside the data they will be presented in an easily understandable visual format basing on which experts can easily analyze & understand the ongoing trends across the industry, for knowledge changes in the customers’ interest, for finding unknown correlations & many more aspects. Big Data Analytics plays a key role in the development process of any type of organization & helps them stay competitive.

Get a better understanding of all the advanced applications of Big Data Analytics with experts’ guidance by availing our institutes advanced analytics based real-time training program of Big Data Analytics Online Course.

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Advanced Learning Modules Of Big Data Analytics Training

Our course curriculum has been specially designed from the hands of top-notch domain experts to best fit the present industry requirements of this domain. You will gain expertise in all the advanced end-to-end application of Big Data Analytics through our complete practical based hands-on training approach.

The major set of learning modules that are included in our advanced career program of Big Data Analytics Online Training include

  • A brief overview of Big Data Analytics
  • A dvanced concepts of Machine Learning, Gradient Descent, Decision trees, Distance Metrics & more
  • Concepts of Clustering, Segmentation PCA & more
  • Understanding the concepts of debugging, cost evaluation, risk analysis & time management
  • Concepts of structured & unstructured databases
  • To master the applications of Pig, Hive, MapReduce, Apache Spark & more
  • Applications data mining tools with R
  • Knowledge of Data mining techniques like Neural networks, Random Forest, Classification Tree, Logistics Regression, Linear regression etc.
  • Hands-on exposure towards industry projects & live case studies

The practical approach we deliver will surely help you master the knowledge of all the advanced real-world applications of Big Data Analytics domain & mold you to become a leading industry professional by the time of your course completion.

Pre-Requisites For Big Data Analytics Online Course

There are no such major pre-requisites to avail the Big Data Analytics Online Training program. But however, having knowledge of the following concepts will surely help the aspirants to get a better understanding of the advanced concepts that are explained during the training session

  • Knowledge of Statistics & Probability
  • Knowledge of organized & unorganized databases
  • Basic knowledge of Python programming

Intended Audience For Big Data Analytics Online Training

The major set of targeted audience for our Big Data Analytics Online Training will be those aspirants who are planning at making a career in this advanced analytics profession. Also, the professionals who are planning a career transition into the analytics domain can also avail our analytics training program.

The other set of targeted audience for our Big Data Analytics Online Course includes

  • IT & Non-IT Working Professionals
  • Business Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Networking Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Testing Professionals
  • Degree Holders & Job Seekers
  • End Users

The certification which we deliver to those aspirants who have successfully completed our institutes Big Data Analytics Online Training program will surely be adding a value to their career profiles. So its high time to attend for the Kelly Technologies Big Data Analytics training program.

You can also avail our institutes Free Big Data Analytics Online Demo Session where you can get to make direct interactions0 with our analytics expert trainers. Here you can also get to know about the flow of your training program & the course curriculum we deliver in our Big Data Analytics Training program.

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