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Why is it Crucial to Have A Certification in AWS?

There is a wide range of job opportunities for people with AWS expertise and certification. Depending on your certification, you can choose many AWS career paths. DevOps Engineers are in the role of developing AWS cloud solutions that impact and enhance the business.

Who Should Pursue AWS Certifications?

AWS certifications are a successful career path for any Developer, System Administrator, Application Architect, Database Administrator, Big Data Analyst, or sales and purchasing professional. Good knowledge of AWS platforms, applications, cloud services, and information systems make you suitable for a job. You can prepare yourself to clear the leading certification exams in AWS with our AWS Training in Hyderabad program.

Salary Packages Offered to AWS Professionals:

According to pay analytics firm PayScale, the best-paid AWS jobs are based on certification and job type, and the average annual salary for skilled workers with Amazon Web Services skills in the US is $103,000. This makes this certification the highest paid IT certification in North America and there is a surge in the demand for skilled AWS professionals in India as well. By ensuring that new technologies are integrated into customer environments, a certified solution architect with relevant experience has a job that earns him $130,300.83 annually.

The average salary of cloud developers and solution engineers in India is around 7,010.49. However, salaries vary depending on skills.

Prominent Certifications in AWS:

With the enormous demand and competitive salary scale, AWS developers are an excellent career choice. Different skills, in-depth information, and practical experience on the AWS platform can open up different opportunities and jobs. Confirming your skills as an AWS DevOps engineer with professional certification doubles your chances of getting an AWS job.

AWS SysOps Administrators maintain analysis software and create dashboards and reports. In 2013 it was introduced to AWS Certification and several practice exams in the AWS community are available for preparation for certification exams and to grow your career in the AWS job role of SysOps Administrators. Prepare for the leading certifications in AWS with our AWS Course in Hyderabad program by expert trainers.

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