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What Skills are Crucial to Succeed in a DevOps Career?

To excel in a career as a DevOps Engineers one needs to develop skills in interdisciplinary areas like programming, system administration, software development, compliance, automation tools, cloud computing, & security. Communication skills are also very crucial in this regard.  If you are pursuing a career at DevOps, you should have a strong concept of the software development lifecycle, including its fundamentals, automation, and testing basics. With a curious mind and a desire to learn, DevOps Engineers can be successful and effective in their careers.

It is important for candidates to develop the right skills and mindset for a career in DevOps. Demand for DevOps engineers is high and has become an indispensable profession where you can choose from a wide range of skills. Whether you start your DevOps career as a developer, system administrator or QA practitioner, you need to be ready to face new cultural changes and challenges and learn new technologies. You can develop technical and non technical skills in DevOps and get them certified with our DevOps Training program.

Growing Demand for DevOps Professionals:

Despite the prevailing skills shortage on DevOps recruiters market, there are thousands of jobs in the India that require DevOps and platform Engineering experience, therefore pursuing a DevOps career offers endless job opportunities. Despite the lack of qualified talent, a career at DevOps can be rewarding but also challenging.

Job Roles in DevOps:

The field of DevOps has several high-salaried Job roles DevOps Release Manager, DevOps Engineer, DevOps Lead, DevOps Automation Expert, DevOps Test Professional or DevOps Systems Engineer, Software Developer or Security Professional.

There are plenty of job options available to get started in a career in DevOps. Organizations are always searching for experienced developers interested in DevOps, who have the skills listed above, and have the training and certifications to give candidates the knowledge and confidence to be an industry-leading DevOps engineer. Having the right technical expertise and hard skills is critical: DevOps engineers must have business communication skills and soft skills to succeed in this role.

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