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What is Azure Data Factory? A beginner’s guide to ADF

Microsoft’s Azure Data Factory is an advanced platform that allows users to create workflows to capture, transform and process data from local and cloud data storage with existing computing services such as Hadoop. ADF is designed for big data pipelines where it makes sense to live process data, extract and transform our data and load it into a process. The data is available in a central data store in the cloud, which can be transformed and processed by collecting data using ADF and mapping data streams.

What is Azure Data Factory?

Azure Data Factory is an advanced cloud service by Microsoft. This service is made available across the Azure platform. Azure Data Factory enables data integration with many different sources. Data Factory offers 100% enterprise connectors and robust resources for code-based and code-free users to meet their data transformation and motion needs. It is a prerequisite for companies taking their first steps into the cloud or trying to connect data locally to the cloud. You can learn how to effectively use Azure Data Factory for a business with our Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad program.

Where to Use Azure Data Factory?

Azure Data Factory is the perfect solution for those who need hybrid data integration pipelines that convert, load, and install (ETL) and extract, load, and transform (ELT). This is less about database-specific features than about supporting more comprehensive data transformations (incl. Azure Data Factory integration, runtime, engine, gateway and services can be installed locally to ensure powerful and secure data transfer to and from the cloud.

ADF provides full support for CI / CD and ADFS data pipelines with GitHub and Azure DevOps. ADF also supports external activities to carry out ADFS transformations of computer services such as Spark, HDInsight, Hadoop, Machine Learning and Data Lake Analytics. Azure Data Factory can connect the following business applications available in Microsoft Dynamics 365: Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and more. Our Azure Data Factory Course in Hyderabad programlets you build cognitive skills in Azure Data Factory by making you work on live projects and assignments.

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