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Prominent Data Analytical Tools for Business Development

As we are clearly aware of the fact that in the current age of Big Data enterprises across the industry verticals are relying on Data Analytical tools, techniques and technologies to stay competitive. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technologies have become a major contributor of success for businesses across industry verticals. Now, let’s have a look at the list of the prominent data analytical tools that are used for business development. 

Data Analytical Tools for Business Development:

  • Google Analytics

When it comes to performing web analysis Google Analytics is one of the most extensively used tool set.  People who are related to Digital Marketing domain must be clearly aware of this advanced analytical tool. This tool will be giving a clear picture of the number of visitors to their websites and we can perform real-time analysis of users’ data like geographical location, demographics, traffic source & more.

  • Qlik Sense

When it comes to Business Intelligence, QlikSense is the most preferred tool. Unlike the traditional business analytical tools, working on QlikSense is a lot easier and we can precisely analyze the insights generated from different sources. With QlikSense we can group all the available data at one place thereby it becomes easy to interpret with data irrespective of its size and format.

  • Tableau

Tableau is undoubtedly the most extensively used data analytical tool for Data Visualization operations. Having interactive dashboards, Tableau helps in querying relational databases, spreadsheets, OLAP cubes, cloud database, etc. Using Tableau, we can present the insights extracted from data in the form of attractive visuals

Apart from these, there are many other data analytical tools that help business stakeholders in getting a clear picture of the business insights from Big Data so that they can make strategic business decisions.  You can build hands-on expertise in these tools with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

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