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Power BI Career Opportunities in 2021- Grab the Best One for You!

Power BI is one of the most powerful tools for data analysis data visualization operations. Unlike the traditional business intelligence tools, Power BI is a cloud-based tool that also supports applications like data collection, processing and helps in extracting insights from large data sets.

Power BI has three different types of applications namely “Power BI Desktop, Power BI Services, Power BI Mobile App”. Despite the data visualization industry being dominated by tools like “Tableau & QlikView” Power BI has managed to gain popularity with its high-end features and scalable operations. According to a recent survey report, Power BI is expected to hold 5.8% of the market share. Most of the enterprises across the industry verticals like Software & IT, Banking, Financial Industry, Management Consulting Services, Retail Sectors, Staffing, Travel, Recruitment, and many other industries rely on Power BI for Data Visualization applications. Most of the leading MNC and trending Start-Up companies in India rely on Power BI and our Power BI Training in Hyderabad program will be an apt choice to prepare your career in this field.   

Power BI Salary Range:

The usage of Power BI varies from company to company, and so when it comes to applying for the Power BI job roles, one needs to clearly look at the job description. As the demand for the Power BI experts is on the surge, and due to the short supply of skilled Power BI experts, companies are coming forward offering exclusively high salaries for the skilled personals. Different designations in Power BI have different salary packages and are as follows

  • Data Analyst-  4.25 L Per Annum
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developer- 4.83 L Per Annum
  • Software Engineer-     4.51 L Per Annum
  • Senior Software Engineer-      6.75 L Per Annum
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst-      5.50 L Per Annum
  • Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst-      9.29 L Per Annum
  • Senior Data Analyst-   8.10 L Per Annum.

Companies that are Recruiting Power BI Experts

Most of the leading MNC companies like Deloitte, Dell Computers, Hexaware Technologies, Capgemini, Infosys Limited, Wipro, and many other leading Startups are hiring Power BI experts. This is the perfect time to prepare your career for the high-salaried Power BI job roles with our intense Power BI Course in Hyderabad program. 

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