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Planning to Build Your Career in DevOps? Major Things You Should Know

DevOps professionals can choose from a variety of profiles, including DevOps managers, code release managers, automation architects, Q & A software developers, testers, and security engineers. There is no clear career ladder or leadership role for DevOps Engineers, and companies hire and nurture them based on previous experience and skills. The beginner job role in DevOps is often referred to as DevOps Engineer and it is an ideal role in software development, application development and IT industries.

How Exactly DevOps Works?

DevOps combines IT and software development to make a rewarding career choice. As companies use DevOps to deploy software features and security updates quickly, your career as a DevOps engineer has great growth prospects. The DevOps revolution, facilitated by automation trends in corporate organizations, is a set of practices that combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to shorten the life cycle of system development and ensure continuous delivery of high-quality software.

DevOps Engineers have the ability to implement automation technologies and tools at the level of requirements in development, testing and operation. You can develop core technical skills in DevOps and become a certified DevOps Engineer with our DevOps Training program.

Most DevOps engineers have a background in IT project management, systems management, database management, software development or other IT careers. There is no defined career path for DevOps engineers, but they can be developers, system administrators or interested in other aspects of operation such as network operation, deployment, code scripting, etc.

When you choose a career with DevOps, you become a bridge between the development and operations teams. Candidates should understand why DevOps is important to the organization, how they are prepared for it, and how their careers align with their common goals. The second role in your DevOps career is the DevOps engineer with ops bias.

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