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Is AWS Good as a Career for Fresher

If you are a fresher and planning to start your career in cloud then AWS would preferably be the ideal learning option. AWS offers multiple certifications that have become a lucrative career option. AWS is the global leader in the cloud computing platform. Many leading MNC and also Start-up companies in India are recruiting skilled experts in AWS.  

The surge in the demand for the cloud solutions offered by AWS has made it the most preferable career option. AWS has become the most desired career option for people working in technical and non-technical backgrounds and even fresher graduates.  Those who have a basic understanding of OS & Networking and other technical concepts will find the learning process of AWS a lot easier. AWS Training in Hyderabad course by Kelly Technologies helps master the core cognitive skills in AWS right from scratch.

With AWS having become the most-sought after career option for both fresher and working professionals let’s explore the reasons why

  • Programming Knowledge isn’t Required

Learning AWS doesn’t involve any complexity. You can start implementing everything that you learned in real-time as you don’t require any coding skills.

  • Growing Job Market

The low cost and highly scalable cloud solutions by AWS have made it the most preferred cloud computing platform for both large and mid-scale enterprises. The growing demand for AWS has led to the surge in the AWS job market. Thus, getting a job after the completion of your AWS certification is a lot easier.

  • Exclusively High Salary Packages

Currently, the salary packages of AWS professionals are very much in terms with the packages of data analytical professionals. Due to the short supply of skilled AWS experts in AWS, companies are coming forward offering exclusively high salary packages for certified experts.

AWS Jobs for Freshers Google Stats:

Since the past 10 years, there is an impeccable growth in AWS jobs for freshers.  Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Noida are among the top cities where the demand for freshers in AWS is on the surge.

AWS Solution Architect is the most preferred career option in AWS for freshers. A certified AWS Solution Architect is paid annual salary of $130,883 and above. Our AWS Course in Hyderabad program helps you in making the most out of the rising new world of career opportunities in AWS.

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