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Introduction to Google Cloud Services: All You Need to Know about GCP Services

Google Cloud Platform is an advanced cloud computing platform that is developed and managed by Google.  Through GCP, Google offers interdisciplinary services like computing, network storage, big data and machine learning management services on the same cloud infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user products like Google Search, Gmail, Google Photos and YouTube. Users can access, manage and use the tools they need through a web interface, just as they do with all Google Cloud services. You can know how to migrate a business into cloud with our advanced GCP Training in Hyderabad program.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the provision of computing power, database storage, applications and other IT resources via a cloud service platform on the Internet at pay-as-you-go prices on-demand.

Facing a stiff completion in the cloud market from competitors like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud Series, Google is constantly updating its cloud services to emerge as the leading cloud computing platform. To deliver highly reliable and secured cloud solutions, Google introduced Cloud Security Command Center which is a cloud security and data risk platform for data and services running on the Google Cloud Platform. With the intuitive web-based GCP console, users can see which Google Cloud services they benefit from and how they can create projects.

Services Offered by GCP:

Used for data analysis, ML, cloud storage and deployment, Google Cloud transforms businesses across a variety of industries, including fast food, banking, manufacturing, advertising and more. Statistics from the market analysis company Statista for the fourth quarter of 2020 show that Google’s cloud share of global cloud revenue among the top eight cloud service providers is stuck at 9%.

Google offers a wide range of services from simple storage solutions to advanced machine learning services and the list also includes different services like

  • Compute Service
  • Networking Services
  • Database and Storage Services
  • Big Data Services
  • Machine Learning Services
  • Identity and Security Services
  • Management and Development Tools

Google’s cloud infrastructure is used to host applications such as Google Workplace, G Suite, Google Apps and Google Cloud Services, as well as to create and maintain original applications published on the web by the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and simplified application forms, to automate project management, billing and management, and to pay for Arc and ChartString. Certify your skills in cloud computing powered by GCP with Kelly Technologies GCP Course in Hyderabad program by leading industry experts.  

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