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Exciting Python Project Ideas for Beginners in 2021

Python is one of the most popular multipurpose programming languages. Python programming finds its applications in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Web Development, and across different other areas. The surge in the demand for Python has made this field a lucrative career option for people coming from different backgrounds. So, if you are a Python career enthusiast, then the best way for you to learn Python is by doing projects.

We at Kelly Technologies strongly believe that practical oriented learning will help you to excel in your Python programming career in a real-time work environment. You can develop hands-on skills in Python right from the scratch withour Python Training in Hyderabad program. Now, let’s look at some of the most exciting Python project ideas which beginners can handle to boost their hands-on expertise in Python.

Python Beginners Project Ideas

  • Mad Libs Generator

Mad Libs Generator is one of the best project ideas to start with for beginners in Python in software development. Working on this project will give you hands-on knowledge of strings, variables, and concatenation. You will also learn how to manipulate user-inputted data.

  • Number Guessing

Working on this project will be exciting for beginners in Python programming. As a part of working on this project, you will be developing code in such a way that the computer would select and random number between the given range. Users would be asked to make a guess about the number based on the hints presented by the system. For ever wrong guess given by the user, he will be presented with another clue but his score gets reduced. The clues given to the user will be either multiples, divisible, greater or smaller, or a combination of all.

  • Dice Rolling Simulator

As a part of this project users will be developing a code that would imitate a rolling dice. This program generates any number between 1 to 6 using a standard dice. You should also design a function using which the number obtained on the dice would get printed as the output. Working on this project would give you in-depth knowledge of the Python programming fundamental concepts.

If you are a beginner in Python and wish to develop hands-on cognitive skills in this field then look no further beyond the Python Course in Hyderabad program by expert trainers at Kelly Technologies.

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