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Does AWS Require Coding Knowledge?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a global leader in the cloud industry. The cost efficient and easily scalable cloud solutions by AWS help companies in building and hosting websites, apps, and other software products. With AWS becoming a lucrative career option, people are becoming more curious knowing if they need to know coding in order to build a career in AWS.

The answer to this question relies on your AWS career path and experience level. As a matter of fact, getting started with the process of learning skills in AWS doesn’t require much coding knowledge. You can handle most of the basic concepts in AWS without coding knowledge. However, once you’ve started with your first AWS job role you need to develop some programming skills to reach new career heights. Whether you’re just starting out with AWS or you have some experience with it, it’s essential to get proper training so that you know how to properly use AWS services and get the most out of them. AWS Training in Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies helps you step forward to building a successful career in AWS.

AWS Tasks that Don’t Require Coding:

Let’s look at the tasks involving AWS that don’t require coding experience.

  • Creating WordPress Websites

Amazon Web Services is commonly used for the creation of WordPress websites. Developing WordPress websites using AWS doesn’t require any coding experience. This is possible with the AWS feature called the marketplace.  It is a place where we can get in touch with vendors who sell pre-made, ready-to-launch machine images using which doesn’t require coding experience.

  • Using AWS to Store Files

File storage using AWS can be performed without coding knowledge. We can store all types of videos, text files, images, etc using AWS storage files. We can easily distribute these files all around the world using internet. You can set up AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) without the need to apply any coding skills.

AWS Skills that Require Coding Experience:

  • Developing Custom Websites

As we are aware of the fact that AWS has several features that make the life of developers a lot easier. To develop custom websites using AWS, you need knowledge of HTML, Node.JS, Python, and PHP languages.

  • Creating an Alexa Skill

When it comes to executing custom home automation tasks like Alexa Skill, you need to have coding skills to develop technical API’s.

AWS presents a wide range of opportunities for developers and non-developers alike. If you are curious about learning skills in AWS then you can succeed in your career path by joining the AWS Course in Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

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