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Data Scientists vs Software Engineers- Who Has the Most Promising Future?

With Data Science becoming the buzzword across the industry verticals, it has now become a lucrative career option for people from different backgrounds. As every business generates data in abundant volumes, analyzing and extracting insights from the data has become very crucial to take their business to a whole new level. The insights that are extracted from the data will help the companies stay competitive and empowers stakeholders to make accurate business decisions. Extracting and analyzing information from large sets of structured and unstructured data formats can only be possible with Data Science and this is exactly the reason for the growing demand for this field.

Which is the Best Career Option?

The common question that comes in the mind of any fresher graduate while deciding about their career is whether they should go for Data Science or Software Engineering? If you wish to get started in a career in any of these fields then you should first understand the basic difference between the two job roles.

What is the Work that Both Data Scientist & Software Developer Do?

A Software Developer is an IT expert who’s responsible for writing lines of codes, and will be working on developing software architecture as per the clients requirement. On the other hand, a Data Scientist is a skilled Data Science expert who is responsible for the tasks of interpreting large sets of Big Data to extract actionable insights from it. He has multidisciplinary skills in the areas of mathematics, computer science, data analysis etc.  Our Data Science Training will help you in mastering the multidisciplinary skills that would get you hired successfully.

Salary Packages of Data Scientist and Software Engineer:

Based on the skill sets developed a Data Scientist is offered salary as high as $122,839 per year. A fresher Data Scientist is offered salary between $103, 884 to $110,500 per year.  As experience grows, Data Scientists can expect a salary as high as $153,550 per year.

A Software Engineer is paid an average salary of $109,335 per year and with few years of experience he’s is paid salary of $120,052 per year.

However, amid the growing demand for Data Science and Data Scientists, developing skills in this field can make your career recession-proof. This is the reason why most of the IT professionals are making a career shift from their existing domain to Data Science.

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