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Data Science Innovative Project Ideas to Work in 2021

The field of Data Science is gaining immense popularity and there is a surge in the demand for the skilled Data Science professionals. With tech experts having coined the job role of a Data Scientist as the ‘Sexiest job title of 21st century’, many working professionals have started migrating from their existing domain into Data Science.  Many fresher graduates are also considering building a career in Data Science as the ideal option. However, getting started in a career in Data Science requires interdisciplinary skill sets which can only be mastered by working on multiple projects.

Now, let’s have a look at the innovative project ideas that you can consider working in 2021.

  • Web Traffic Time Series Forecasting

The objective of this project is to predict web traffic in real-time. Working on this project requires in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms especially Time Series Forecasting. With Time series forecasting, we can enable web servers work towards accurate resource management. Working on this project will also give you good understanding of the functioning of Neural Networks.

  • Fake News Detection

This is one of the trending project ideas on Data Science and its objective is to detect fake news trending across various social media platforms. Working on this project requires in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning and you need to know how to mine textual data. You can work on this project with TfidfVectorizer, and a passive-aggressive classifier.

  • Human Action Recognition

The focus of this project is to build a system that is capable of classifying human actions from a video sample. Working on this project requires knowledge of both AI & ML algorithms. To develop this model you require knowledge of neural networks and you need a dataset that consists of short videos. You should also be having knowledge of Keras library.  

You can work on multiple real-time projects on Data Science and thereby build your project portfolio with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

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