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Data Analytics Definition: Types & Process Overview

Data Science can be interpreted as the critical process for Data Analyzing or Data Analysis which involves collecting data and using the right applications and tools to explore and find patterns in it. The data analysis process in Data Science follows certain sequence of steps following which you can make better decisions for your company, government agency or whatever your choice is supported by the collected and analyzed data.

Data Analysis Process in Data Science:

A step in the process of data analysis involves collecting raw data from different sources and processing it, analyzing it and using it to identify patterns to generate actionable insights. Data analysis can be a process that collects information and uses the right application and tools to enable you to explore the information and find patterns in the data. You can develop Data Analysis skills with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Sequence of Steps in Data Analysis:

Data Analysis is critical process that involves a series of steps like Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Data Modeling, and Data Visualization to find and communicate patterns and insights from Big Data. Based on these insights, data-driven enterprises uses data for decision making. Data analysis extracts relevant information that helps companies make informed decisions. It helps reduce the risks associated with decision-making and provides useful insights and statistics that can be presented in graphs, images, tables and graphs.

When the required data is available in our enterprise database, we use SQL queries to extract the required data from the database. When data has to be available from a specific website (s), we use the Web Pages API (if available) and Web Scraping techniques to collect and store the data in our local store or database. Data collected from the Internet is usually stored in JSON format, and further processing must convert the JSON data into the most commonly used format. Leverage hands-on expertise in Data Science with our intense Data Science Course in Hyderabad program.

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