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AWS vs Azure vs. GCP- Which is the Best Cloud Service Platform?

The real battle between AWS and Microsoft is about companies moving to the multi-cloud and wanting a preferred provider of cloud services. AWS and Azure both have advantages and are generally the best options for those looking for a cloud provider. However, due to the cost-efficient and highly secured services offered by AWS it has ultimately become the choice of preference for everyone.

AWS and Azure share some common elements with the public cloud such as auto-scaling, self-service, pay-as-you-go pricing, security and compliance, identity and access management capabilities and instant deployment. Both AWS and Azure have global infrastructure and data centers around the world that helps you use the platform wherever you are. Companies working in the AWS Public Cloud can also offer AWS Azure if they work in a hybrid cloud environment where resources on the ground are coordinated with AWS Azure’s infrastructure. You can know in-depth about the end-to-end cloud services offered by AWS with our AWS Training program.

The Growing Demand for AWS:

In the 2019 report released by Gartner, it has been stated that an estimated $20 billion revenue has been generated by AWS in IaaS cloud thus occupying more than 45% market share. Netflix, Reddit and Pinterest all use Amazon Web Services as a service, as do other digital giants such as Dropbox and VMware. In addition, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has won AWS and the computer giant IBM to build its private cloud.

Amazon Web Services IaaS offerings have raised by 57.8% year on year. At $45.7 billion, revenue was higher than the $44.1 billion expected by analysts, putting Amazon’s cloud computing arm on an $18 billion mileage if its steady upward trend continues. Google saw its revenues for public cloud (IaaS) move from $13 billion in 2018 to $24 billion in 2019, an 80% increase meanwhile. The growing demand for AWS has made it a lucrative career option for people across all walks of life.

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