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Spark & Scala Training in Bangalore

Course Duration: 45 Days

Kelly Technologies providing you the best in class training on spark (WMQ) by certified faculty having more than 6+ years real time experience.

Kelly Technologies is the one-stop professional training institute where students can leverage real-time knowledge of all the core applications of Spark & Scala technology. This advanced Spark & Scala Training in Bangalore will help the students to build knowledge of run time modes like Yarn Cluster and Mesos Cluster, Spark & Scala AAPI, configuring Apache Spark, streaming SQL and further more advanced concepts.

At present, the career opportunities in this advanced Big Data technology of Spark & Scala are on the boom. This advanced training is the perfect opportunity for the students to explore the world of opportunities in this advanced domain.

We provide you the best in class training on spark (WMQ) by certified faculty having more than 6+ years real time experience.

“Kelly Technologies-The Leading Gateway For Success In Your Spark & Scala Career”

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About The Course

Kelly technologies is the one Spark training institute in Bangalore offering the course online. Spark is an open source technology developed for the efficiency for managing and processing the large-scale data. The program is generally written in Scala and runs in JVM. Spark apache is an interactive REPL that helps in data learning or data exploration. The course makes you understand how to use apache spark to run the big data services. This course is even a fundamental base for big data and parallel computing. To learn this course candidates can join in any Spark training institute in Bangalore.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the Apache Spark Applications
  • To understand the Apache Spark Applications
  • To know the concepts of Machine Learning and Graph X
  • To master the Run time modes like Yarn Cluster and Mesos Cluster
  • To Learn to setup HortonWorks VM
  • Get Introduced to Spark Scala API
  • Learn to run the Apache Spark schedule Tasks
  • To Configure Apache Spark
  • To excel in running and building of Spark Applications
  • Write Spark applications for visualization
  • Learn the Machine learning, streaming SQL
  • To understand about the Application Submission and Spark Driver
  • To learn the Lambda and spark Architecture

Who should go for this course?

There are many Spark training institutes in Bangalore, who provide courses in Spark technology. There are no big limitations for those who want to learn, about the spark technology. It all takes for the professionals who are looking to become software professionals to manage the data related programs and run applications as per the needed. Kelly technologies is one among the best Spark training institutes in Bangalore offering expert support for the online learners.

The following can pursue this course:

  • 1. Software engineers
  • 2. Data engineers
  • 3. ETL developers
  • 4. Aspiring students
  • 5. Graduates
  • 6. Job seekers

Why Learn Apache Spark?

Although there are many spark classroom training Institutes in Bangalore. Kelly technologies is the one of the best Spark classroom training Institutes in Bangalore, with the expert instructors who provide great support at the time of learning. As the course, is all about learning
to manage and process volumes of data, it is recommended for those who work upon managing big data. Also, for the matter of fact that, Apache spark technology is the foundation to understand the architecture and functionalities of software technology like big data.

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

Spark training in Bangalore, is one among the fast growing and demanded technology. In order to learn this course, there is no need of special knowledge or any expert knowledge of Hadoop or spark. All it needs is basic understanding of programming languages. Anyhow it is needed if the seeking candidate possess the basic understanding about Linux/Unix. It is very much helpful for the candidates if they have intermediate level of programming languages of Scala/python. Writing knowledge and understanding of program with Scala. Having able to write program with python also helps in understanding spark.

How will I execute the Practicals?

Apache Spark needs minimum of basic requirements, similar to any kind of data managing software. It can be run of Windows OS greater than 7, windows server 2008, Linux, UNIX. For executing practical for spark technology, we offer the best support to the learner. With prior support from our instructor, the course can be learnt with good practical exposure. Anyhow remote desktop support is given by the team of Kelly
technologies to understand the basic execution modes in apache spark. Thus, Kelly technologies provides the practical with great support and proves as best and worth Spark training in Bangalore.


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